• The Last Spelldrake of Saskatchewan – Concept art

    The feature film I began developing years ago is starting to pick up steam again.  The film is still a long way off from going into production but I have received some funding to once again begin work on it.  Here is some concept art I have been making to help bring the characters to life.  The first image is of a poster made from a still of the first attempt I made at bringing this world to life through video (found here in an earlier gallery entry).  Next is a painting (acrylic on canvas paper) of one of the main characters, Calvert Wander, seen here gazing at the cabin in the clouds: the home of the Great Holys (the gods of this word).  He is playing a hand-crank record player which is his means of communicating since he is mute.  The 3rd image is of Sareth (Watercolour pencil), a reclusive Spelldrake (prairie wizard/witch/magician) sitting on top of her sod house.  The 4rth image is of the Hexhob (Watercolour and Watercolour pencil).  He is a Spelldrake gone bad due to an infection of The Sick which is a disease that covers the land and all it touches with black, root-like hair.  The 5th image is a portrait of the Maid of Grasses (Acrylic, gouache, watercolour pencil) the daughter of the Great Holys.  In this story she is the one who created all living things including humans.  The 6th image: Keel Fishsimmons, the river warden (masking tape sculpture, acrylic and varnish).  He is a holy: a small immortal creature charged with managing the natural resources of a small, particular area.  The 7th image is of Starla, the daughter of Calvert, riding John Handy, the metal man made of old tractor parts (watercolour pencil).  The 8th image is of a Whatbeast and a Grimneighbour (watercolour pencil).  The Whatbeast is an infected animal and the Grimneighbour is an infected human.  The 9th image is of the Colossus in the eastern wastes (painted paper collage).  The Colossus is the embodiment of the infection known as The Sick.  The 10th image is of Mon Stickmin, wandering warden of the plains (masking tape sculpture).  The 11th image is of Calvert Wander and Bome Gnomeski: warden of the western woods.