Curtis L. Wiebe is a short-film maker, illustrator, animator, musician and sculptor based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
Identifiable by flights of the fantastic in settings of winter forests and prairie landscapes, Wiebe’s art is full of imaginative characters brought to life as drawings, puppets and elaborate costumes.  Wiebe’s films have screened at festivals around the world including the Jim Henson Foundation’s Puppets on Film Festival in New York as well as at a Robotics Festival in Belgrade, Serbia.  He has gone on to help found the Winnipeg Puppet Collective and has worked on props and costumes for prominent local filmmakers Deco Dawson and Mike Maryniuk as well as Toronto’s Vision Entertainment. Curtis L. Wiebe has a background working with children in day-cares, summer-camps, public schools and an inner-city community centre.  He currently works part-time as an art teacher at the Winnipeg Art Gallery Studio in Winnipeg, MB.Paper Hat-Cowboy3 Curt-duel Calvert Wander3 CLW filmmaker1