• My Head is a Mountain of Caves

    For over a year I have been involved in a documentary project titled: The Imperfectionist.  The doc, directed by Jonathan Le (https://newmediamanitoba.com/directory/people/1474/jonathan-le), is about me and my creative process focusing mainly on my attempt to bring the Thrift Shop Band to life.  Our vision for the doc is for it not to provide too literal a view into my creative life but for the film itself to be an example of my art.  We plan to film several cinematic sequences that illustrate experiences, visions or themes that are important to me.  One of these sequences involves this mountain headed character.  I sometimes feel as though ideas fly into my head like a thousand cliff swallows into a cavernous rock.  Once there, some of them change and evolve into other bright, living things and spill out again into the world as art or music- others fly away unheard, unseen... the video is a test fitting of the paper-maché mountain head I created for this sequence.